Mama cat places her dying kitten in man’s hands, receives a response she will never forget

All pets truly deserve a loving home.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for our beloved furry friends who brighten our days on this earth. But thankfully, there are people who dedicate their time and energy to trying to do their best to help these poor creatures.

It’s impossible to overstate the immense respect we feel for these animal advocates – they’re truly heroes without capes.

In this case, let’s take a closer look at how it all unfolded when the animal heroes from the Teddy Kitten Rescue Center took on a very special case.

They usually feed the stray cats roaming the streets. But one day, they spotted a cat they hadn’t seen before. She was walking towards them with a kitten in her mouth. She gently placed her little one on the ground and allowed one of the animal lovers to pet her.

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Then they both received food.

It seemed early on that the cat mom, who no one in the neighborhood seemed to recognize, trusted these people.

For a moment later, she returned with another kitten.

”Today, as soon as we fed the cat, she started bringing her kittens to us. Perhaps she trusted us, and maybe she hadn’t found a safe place for her babies. At first, she brought one kitten to us. Then she brought another one. The cat seemed very concerned about the safety and health of her kittens,” writes the Teddy Kitten Rescue Center on YouTube, where they also posted a video of the whole thing.

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The video currently has over eleven million views, and it’s not hard to understand why.

At the same time, it wasn’t “just” two kittens that this mother wanted them to help her take care of. A little further away, there was another kitten, hidden in a bush. They picked up the kitten and brought it to the rest of the family.

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Then the cat mother did something remarkable. She left the group once again – and soon returned with a fourth kitten (!).

But this kitten was in bad shape. According to the organization, it was unconscious.

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”It was as if the cat was trying to tell us ‘help my kittens’ with her head movements,” they write.

And help, they all received.

Soon they arrived at the cat shelter where they received food and shelter. The unconscious kitten soon started to feel better.

Feel free to watch the clip below to see how the cats are doing now at the shelter, they are all much better:

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