Lonely kitten with beautiful big eyes finds a forever home

Discovered at a mere three weeks old back in 2020, this little kitten found a guardian angel in Beth, a dedicated volunteer with Kitty Cottage.

Upon learning about the tiny feline in need, Beth swiftly stepped in to lend a helping hand.

According to We Love Cats & Kittens, it seems that the cat’s mother rejected him due to being the runt of the litter, leaving him considerably weaker than his siblings.

As you can see in the pictures, he was very tiny for his age, and despite being three weeks old, he was actually the size of a newborn, weighing only 3.5oz!

But Beth wasn’t ready to give up on the little fighter. The fact that he had survived three weeks was already remarkable, given the circumstances.

Now, she faced the challenge of getting him to take a bottle or syringe, and for the initial days, he had to be fed in drips.

In addition to all this, his eyes were also sealed shut with crust, leaving Beth uncertain about whether, once cleaned, he would regain his sight.

She decided to name him Guinness, and the entire family united in their efforts to ensure he was nourished every hour.

Within a few days, the kitten showed a remarkable improvement, actively devouring meals and experiencing substantial weight gain — nearly doubling since his rescue from the streets.

Despite his petite stature, Guinness boasted a pair of enchanting, large blue eyes. He reveled in affectionate cuddles from his human caregivers.

With each passing day, Guinness not only gained physical strength but also exhibited a resilient spirit that astonished everyone witnessing his journey.

His remarkable will to live shone through, evident in his hearty appetite. It seemed as though he instinctively knew he had to grow big and strong.

With his newfound strength, Guinness wasted no time diving into adventure, exploring the joy of playing with the abundance of toys provided for him.

By the time he reached nine weeks, a remarkable transformation had taken place. Experiencing a growth spurt, he had evolved into a genuine snuggle buddy and purr machine.

Fast forward a few years, and looking at how Guinness appears, it’s hard not to have a smile on your face. What a remarkable transformation – showcasing what a bit of food, warmth, and love can do for a cat!

This story truly warms my heart, and I can’t express enough gratitude to Beth and her family for everything they’ve done for little Guinness.

To witness the incredible journey of Guinness, be sure to check out the video below: