Kitten dyed pink, cleaned with household cleaner now recovering — owner charged in cruelty case

A poor cat suffered from hypothermic shock after being dyed pink and cleaned with household cleaner — now the cat is in good hands as the owner faces charges of animal abuse.

According to USA Today, the male kitten was brought to a Portland animal shelter on December 12. His body was covered in hot pink fur, and he was suffering from severe hypoglycemia and hypothermic shock, and was “barely responsive.”

The cat’s owner, a 39-year-old woman, had cleaned the cat with products like Windex and rubbing alcohol, not realizing how toxic the chemicals would be. The alcohol soaked into the kitten causing his body temperature to drop.

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Facebook/Oregon Humane Society

“The owner told veterinarians at the hospital that the kitten had diarrhea and tried to clean the kitten with a mixture containing various household cleaners,” Laura Klink, public information officer of the Oregon Humane Society, told People.

The Oregon Humane Society conducted an animal abuse investigation alongside the Portland Police Bureau, and the cat’s owner was subsequently arrested. Link said the pink dye “was a coincidence and not related to reported abuse.”

According to KPTV, she was charged on two counts of Animal Abuse in the 2nd Degree, and had been previously convicted of trying to kidnap a child while wielding a machete. According to The Oregonian, she entered a not guilty plea to the charges last month.

The kitten was taken in by the Oregon Humane Society, and is reportedly recovering well. A black Chihuahua belonging to the same woman was also recovered from her motel room and placed in the care of Multnomah County Animal Services; there is no evidence the dog has been mistreated.

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Facebook/Oregon Humane Society

According to USA Today, the Oregon Humane Society has named the kitten Ken, due to the Barbie-like hot pink dye that can still be found on his fur.

“The hair dye is unlikely to fade but will slowly shed out over time and be replaced by the kitten’s natural fur,” Klink told People. “There are some dyes that claim to be pet safe, but even these can cause rare immune responses in some animals. It’s really not worth the risk.”

Because the case is still ongoing, Ken still legally belongs to his owner and cannot be put up for adoption until it is resolved. But for now, he’s in good hands and doing well in foster care.

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would abuse their kitten like this or dye it with hair dye, but we’re glad that little Ken survived the ordeal and is in good hands now.

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