Keep your pet from destroying the holidays with this cat-proof Christmas tree

Thanksgiving is through, December is here, and the Christmas season is officially underway. That means people everywhere are putting up their Christmas trees.

But whether real or artificial, one thing is for sure: you gotta keep the cats away. Nothing ruins the Christmas magic quite like decorating a whole tree only to have a curious cat knock it all down.


Every year festive cat owners go to extremes to keep their trees safe from the pets…

Not this year

Posted by We Love Animals on Sunday, November 3, 2019

…but one company has heard our prayers, or more likely our screams, and has come out with a much-needed product: cat-proof Christmas trees.

UK retailer Argos sells 6 foot “Half Parasol Christmas Trees,” whose branches start high off the ground, high enough to keep your cat from climbing.


“Decking the halls can be a tricky task, so make sure you only have to do it once with this 6ft parasol tree,” the product page reads. “It starts halfway up, so your perfectly places baubles are out of reach from cats and curious kids.”

“And, if Santa’s been extra generous, there’s plenty of room for piles of pressies underneath.”


The tree is on sale for £30.00, or about $38 USD. A pretty good deal for anyone who has spent Christmas morning cleaning up the broken ornaments their cat left in their wake.


Not a fan of the classic green Christmas tree look? Going for more of a modern, wintery vibe? Argos has you covered: they also make a snowy white version of the cat-proof tree.

“Don’t let the cat ruin Christmas!” the description reads, also pointing out that since it’s a half tree, you’ll only need to do half the decorating.


Many cat owners don’t put up trees for the holidays because of their rambunctious cats, but with this cool idea you and your pet can share a festive holiday in peace.

Now if only we could get product to keep the dog away from the turkey…


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