Garbage crew makes terrible find in bag – acts directly and saves a life

Garbage crew makes terrible find in bag – acts directly and saves a life

Taking other people’s used and unwanted things and loading them into the back of a truck is everyday life for garbage collectors.

But when two sanitation workers in Berks County, Pennsylvania were making their regular rounds one cold day, they found something hidden in the trash that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

The men were about to start their truck’s trash compactor when they heard a sound that made their hearts jump.

Suddenly, they head a cry for help from a trash bag in the back of their truck — and the two men went straight to the source.


When they opened the bag, the workers found, to their horror, a little terrified cat.

Not only had someone thrown a sweet little kitty in a trash bag, they had also doused her in gasoline!


The sanitation workers quickly jumped back in their truck and drove the poor thing to the hospital.

The veterinarians there realized how bad the cat’s condition was and immediately started working to save her.


As if by a miracle, the vets managed to save the cat, now named “Miracle Maisy.”

She still smelled like gasoline and was underweight, but doctors expected her to make a complete recovery.


I don’t understand how anyone could do this to a poor, defenseless animal.

This story ended well, thanks to the heroic efforts of the sanitation workers. But who knows how the next story will end?

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Hopefully, she’s already found a new loving family, one that treats animals with respect!

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