Fungal treatment accidentally turns white cat completely yellow

We love felines of all colors and styles, from snowy white kitties to black cats. But what about a cat that’s completely yellow?

Photos of a cat with bright yellow fur have gone viral online, but it isn’t a photoshop — it’s the very result of a medical treatment, one that’s left this cat looking like something out of a cartoon.

Thammapa Supamas, from Thailand, is the owner of an all-white cat named Ka-Pwong.

มาค่ะพี่ๆหนูจะเล่าให้ฟัง ทำไมอยู่หนูถึงโดนย้อมแมวใช่ค่ะ พี่ๆอ่านไม่ผิดโดนย้อมจริงๆค่ะสาเหตุ​หลักๆเลย มาจากเชื้อราเเมวค่ะปล.ขอบคุณ​กระเเส แชร์กันนะคะหายไหมไม่รู้กำลังรักษา​ค่ะ 5555555

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Ka-Pwong recently was infected with ringworm, and her owner resorted to a household item for a cure.

“We did everything to cure it, but nothing worked,” Thammapa told Bored Panda. “That was when my mother had the idea of using turmeric.”

However, her mother went all-in on the idea and lathered the cat in the yellow spice: “At first, she painted it on the ringworm but as there was a lot left, she decided to paint the whole body to prevent future mycoses.”

The result: one very yellow cat.


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The good news is, the turmeric worked: Ka-Pwong’s ringworm healed, and the cat now appears to be infection-free.

The bad news: the turmeric wouldn’t come off, leaving the cat stuck completely yellow!

Thammapa scrubbed and scrubbed, but the cat seemed to be almost dyed bright yellow.

ย้อมแมวของจริงปล.ย้อมขมิ้นรักษา​เชื้อราเเมวหายไหม ยังไม่รู้แต่ที่รู้ๆ เหลืองเเล้วไม่หาย😂

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While it’s not washing off any time soon, rest assured it isn’t permanent. The turmeric is expected to fade away within three months, and the cat’s bright white coat will return.

Meanwhile, Ka-Pwong doesn’t seem affected at all about her new look.

“My cat may not even know it turns yellow now,” Thammapa said. “Now the cat is cheerful and eats a lot as usual.”

อัปเดตเชื้อราแมวคาพ้วงค่ะโดยรวมโอเคขึ้นค่ะ ขนขึ้นคลุมไม่ค่อยเลียบริเวณ​ที่ป้ายขมิ้นเเล้วและพ้วงเริ่มจางลงเเล้วค่ะตอนนี้ไม่ทราบว่าพ้วงจะหายเหลืองตอนไหนขอบคุณ​พี่ๆที่เอ็นดูคาพ้วงและเป็นห่วงคาพ้วงนะคะ

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So in the end, there’s no harm done… in fact, you might say this cat looks cuter than ever with her new look.

She’s been lighting up the internet, with many agreeing she resembles the Pikachu. Some have even photoshopped her photos to look like the Pokemon:

พี่ๆจ๋า แวะอ่านนิดนึงค่ะตอนนี้เกิดกระแส…

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