Firefighters save cat stuck in tree at Grand Canyon National Park: photo has internet cracking up

Firefighters saving a cat from a tree is an old cliche, something you’d mostly seen in old cartoons β€” but there is some truth to it: sometimes cats really do get stuck in trees, and firefighters are called to save the day.

That was the case recently in Grand Canyon National Park β€” and people find the cat’s expression hilarious 😸

On June 21, Grand Canyon National Park shared the unusual rescue on social media. A black-and-white cat had somehow become trapped high up in a tree, dangling on its belly on a branch.

“Tree-climbing for the purr-fect panorama!” Grand Canyon National Park wrote.

The photo of the cat became a hit on social media, with many people commenting on the cat’s unusual position and slightly embarrassed expression.

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Facebook/Grand Canyon National Park

“That first picture is the epitome of ‘Man, I didn’t think this through,'” one comment reads.

“That cat looks embarrassed more than anything,” another person wrote.

Thankfully, the cat’s awkward ordeal was soon over thanks to the help of some local firefighters. A photo shows the crew climbing up a ladder to get the kitty down safe, the old cliche come to life.

“A huge shoutout to our firefighters and first responders who sprang into action today to rescue a furry adventurer from the heights of a tree at Grand Canyon,” the Facebook post reads.

In an update, officials wrote that they had located the cat’s owner and that this “furry adventurer” was now home safe. A park spokesperson told People that the cat was named Archie, and he had escaped from a nearby residential area in the park.

Thank you to these firefighters for saving this cat from this tree! Definitely a very memorable rescue and we’re sure Archie is happy to be back down to earth!

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