Fancy cat suits up to serve as ring bearer at his owners’ wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. It’s an occasion that you want to share with as many friends and family members as possible.

So it’s understandable that some couples want to get their pets involved with their big day. After all, many of us consider our pets friends and family, so why shouldn’t they get an invite, too?

Making your pet part of the ceremony can result in some heartwarming, funny and unforgettable moments — like one couple who enlisted their pet cat to be their ring bearer, who quickly stole the show.

Newlyweds Diana Gonzalez and Nicholas Edward Donatelli are the owners of a six-year-old cat named Moose and a Siamese kitten named Lily, according to Metro.

The couple wanted their cats to be part of the big day — so they gave them positions of honor at the ceremony.

“[We] wanted to include our fur babies so I was just thinking ‘how do we do this?'” Diana told Metro.

They decided to make Moose the ring bearer and Lily flower girl, positions usually given to human children, but with no kids attending the couple decided their “fur babies” were the perfect choice.

The couple went all-out, even providing their feline ring bearer with his own custom suit:

They needed to find a way to ensure Moose would walk down the aisle with the rings, so they decided the cat would be pushed in a pet carrier.

That honor went to Diana’s brother-in-law Richard. While pushing a cat in a carriage is not a job most wedding guests expect, Richard was happy to do it.

“I had a blast helping Moose get ready for his big moment,” he told Metro.

Moose’s big moment went viral after Richard tweeted a photo of himself leading the cat down the aisle. The cat — posed upright and serious-faced in his fancy suit — looks like royalty.

“That is the most Downton Abbey looking cat I’ve ever seen,” one Twitter user replied.

“I feel like I owe this cat some money,” another joked.

Moose’s sister Lily is still a kitten, and the couple wrote on Instagram that they felt it was best to leave her out of the ceremony.

But she was still the couple’s honorary flower girl. A photo shows her dressed in a fancy bow collar and surrounded by flowers:

All in all, the cats enjoyed themselves, delighted wedding guests, and provided an unforgettable memory for the newlyweds.

“I’m thankful to everyone who got a kick out of it and enjoyed it,” groom Nicholas told Metro. “Moose going viral is just the cherry on top of getting married.”

What funny photos! It’s always sweet to see people get their beloved pets involved with their wedding. It’s a great way to make unique memories — few weddings have a ring bearer as fancy as Moose!

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