Bulldog makes the perfect best man at his owners’ wedding — until he pees on the bride

Dogs are man’s best friend, but sometimes they’re a man’s “best man,” too.

Your wedding is a very special day, a time to surround yourself with friends and loved ones. And for many people, there’s no one closer than their loyal pet, so why not include your pal in the ceremony? They’re by your side all the time, they should be there on your big day.


A cute dog up at the altar can really steal the show, but sometimes in unexpected ways… like one canine best man, who suddenly gave the bride a “wedding present” that no one would ever forget.

When Matthew and Nambok Howard were planning their wedding, they knew they had to get their four rescue bulldogs—Indy, Diesel, Ruby and Hank—to be part of the ceremony somehow.

All four dogs were invited to the ceremony, but Diesel got a special place of honor: he would serve as the best man.

He got the position, even though the couple knew they were throwing an unpredictable wildcard into their well-planned ceremony.

“Diesel is a bit of a show-stealer,” Matthew Howard told The Dodo.

The big day arrived, and everything was going beautifully. Diesel stood at the altar by Matthew’s side as they watched the bride walk down the aisle.

But the moment was a little much for Diesel, who apparently got over excited at the sight of his mom.

The couple began to say their vows… but the bulldog decided it would be the perfect time to relieve himself.

And he aimed right for the bride’s wedding dress!


No wedding is perfect. You can plan for years, but you still need to expect the unexpected. Every married couple has a funny story about something going wrong on their big day.

But it doesn’t get much more perfect than this. The photos, showing the couple’s reactions to the dog as he lifts up his leg to relieve himself, are priceless.

Luckily, he didn’t ruin that expensive wedding dress: “Fortunately, given the angle, he missed her outfit by centimeters,” the groom said.


Some people would’ve been embarrassed or upset by the dog upstaging their wedding, but this dog-loving couple just had to laugh.

“Everyone at the ceremony laughed, including my wife,” Matthew told The Dodo. “We’ve had Diesel for six years now, so she’s well aware of his cheeky habits.”

“We’re dog people, so she laughed and put it down to Diesel being Diesel.”

He said that he expected the bulldog to do something to steal the show, and he didn’t disappoint.

“This is the happiest moment of Diesel’s life, when he peed on his mum as she was about to get married,” Matthew joked on Instagram.


All was forgiven, and later this scene-stealing best man shared a nice dance with the bride.

Although the dogs apparently didn’t get any cake:

Having a dog is an adventure full of unexpected moments, and sometimes you just have to laugh. Good for this couple for having such a great sense of humor about their best man!

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