Cat with unique ‘mask’ facial marking goes viral online over his resemblance to Zorro

All cats are beautiful in their own way, but some have truly unique features that make them stand out and even become viral stars online.

Like one “masked” cat, who has been warming hearts all of the internet with his unique facial marking.

Meet Boy:

It’s easy to see why Boy has become a sensation: he has a facial marking that looks exactly like a mask.

Some have said it resembles a mask a burglar might wear (a cat burglar, perhaps) while many agree that the cat is the spitting image of the classic masked swashbuckler Zorro: / Instagram

According to Daily Mail, Boy is a nine-month-old mixed Persian cat belonging to 50-year-old Indraini Wahyudin Noor of Banjarmasin, Indonesia.

While she has several cats, Boy definitely stands out as the only one with a “mask” on his face.

After the owner started sharing videos online, it didn’t take long for the mysterious cat to get a following due to his unique appearance. His TikTok account has nearly 300,000 followers, and videos have generated nearly 8 million likes.


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Many commenters have wondered why the cat doesn’t have a more fitting name, one that references his unique looks: “How does this cat have a name other than Bandit?” one commenter wrote.

If Indraini didn’t pick up on the resemblances while naming his famous cat, he’s certainly leaning into them now that he’s become a viral star, even playing the old Zorro theme song when Boy is near.

“I also think he looks just like Zorro, and I think he likes regularly listening to the Zorro music,” Indraini told the Daily Mail. “People who see him for the first time usually say that he’s unique, cute and how he looks just like Zorro.”

‘They even call him the cat thief! Reactions from my subscribers are mostly cute, they want to hug him and some even want to have him!”

But looks can also be deceiving: Boy is less interested in sword fighting (or burgling houses) and more interested in lazing around the house, like a typical cat.

“He is a very spoiled cat, he always wants to be petted, cuddled and held,” the owner said. “He likes to play a lot but he hates being bathed each week.”

What an adorable and unique cat! Boy might look like a normal house cat, but we’re pretty sure he’s got a secret identity!

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