Cat whose eyes were surgically removed finds a new home after owner’s death

Life can be difficult for special needs animals, especially the ones in shelters. They need someone special to come along to adopt them, someone who will be willing to give them the extra love and care they need.

Like one cat, who was put up for adoption after losing not just his former owner, but his eyesight too. But despite everything, this cat never gave up — and now he has a new owner who loves him just the way he is.

Johnathan is a 9-year-old orange tabby cat, who ended up in the care of the Animal Rescue League of Boston last month after his owner passed away.

But they realized the cat was suffering from a serious and uncomfortable condition: Johnathan had a severe case of entropion, in which his eyelashes curled towards his eye, irritating him every time he blinked, according to Today.


“He was nervous any time anyone tried to touch his head, and he was yowling quite a bit,” Mike DeFina, the non-profit’s communications and media relations officer, told Today. “He was in pain.”

Sadly, the only way to treat the condition was to surgically remove John’s eyes.

But while the cat is now fully blind, he’s no longer in constant discomfort — and his playful personality has begun to shine, in spite of everything.

“He was a friendly cat to begin with, but since the surgery, he’s not yowling and he’s more accepting of pets from both our staff and volunteers,” DeFina said. “He loves having his cheeks stroked and giving headbutts. He’s certainly much more comfortable, and he’s a happier cat.”


Johnathan has no other health issues, and is expected to live a long, healthy life like any other cat.

But it will take time for John to full adjust to his new blindness — and the rescue was left with the challenge of trying to find him an adopter who would take in a special needs cat, and be patient with him as he adjusted to new surroundings.

“Once he figures out where everything is — where his food will be, where his litter box will be, where the couch is — he’s going to be great. Cats are so resilient. They’re amazing,” he said. “The lack of sight certainly won’t inhibit him in any way. He has a long, healthy life ahead of him.”

While the odds seemed against them, a miracle happened. Just one day after sharing Johnathan’s story on social media, the Animal Rescue League announced great news: Johnathan was adopted!

We’re so glad Johnathan got adopted! We know that this good cat will adjust to his new home quickly and be loved for the rest of his life.

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