Cat was hiding in hood of junkyard car — worker saves her just in time from being crushed

You never know where or when you’ll find an animal in need of help. Sometimes people end up in the right place at the right time to save a life.

That was the case for one junkyard employee, who saved the life of a cat moments before she was going to be crushed to death.

According to a Facebook post from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, the employee sent a junkyard car to be crushed, but stopped to remove the car battery from the hood.

It was a miracle he did, because he didn’t just find the battery — he found a tiny kitten. If he hadn’t stopped to check, the tiny cat would’ve been crunched along with the rest of the vehicle.

The kitten was very grateful to be saved just in time. “As he popped open the hood, a bundle of fur jumped out and took a blind leap of faith into his arms,” Brother Wolf Animal Rescue wrote.

“She looked at him with soft eyes, thanking him with slow blinks and soft purrs. It was almost like she knew that her life had been saved.”

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Brother Wolf Animal Rescue/Facebook

There were no shelters nearby, so the employee kept the tiny rescued kitten in his jacket as he finished his shift. He then reached out to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, where his girlfriend works, for help.

But soon, a call came in to the junkyard — a man was frantically looking for his pet cat, Lilly. The rescue quickly helped reunite the man and his cat. They also offered to vaccinate, microchip and spay her, free of charge.

“We learned from him that, despite her small size, Lilly had an adventurous spirit like no other,” Brother Wolf wrote. “In fact, her favorite activity is going for a ride with her dad, whether that be in his car or his motorcycle – she even has her own helmet!”

Perhaps it was Lilly’s adventurous spirit that led her to this junkyard predicament, but thankfully she was rescued just in time, allowing for this sweet reunion. Brother Wolf wrote that Lilly’s owner “could not be more grateful for all the love, care, and medical attention” his cat received, and Lilly was thrilled to be back with him.

“When Lilly reunited with her dad, the relief and happiness was so clear on both of their faces. She melted into his arms as his eyes filled with tears of joy.”

What a miracle — we’re so glad this cat was found and saved just in time before nearly being crushed to death! And we’re glad she was reunited with her loving owner ❤️

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