Cat severely burned in fire makes “miracle” recovery, is finally going home

A cat who was severely burned in a recent fire has made a remarkable recovery — and will soon be going home, in a story being called a “miracle.”

Jamie DeAndre and her daughter Jasmine, from Medical Lake, Washington, lost their home in the destructive “Gray Fire” that spread through the area on August 18. The fire reportedly destroyed 259 structures and caused one fatality.

Not only did they lose their house, they also feared they lost their beloved cat Meows, who they couldn’t find in time during the evacuation. However they held out hope that the cat escaped in time.

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“There was no time to look for her, but I wasn’t really worried because she’s a really resilient cat,” Jamie told KREM 2. “I knew she had ran to safety.”

Four days later, they got a miracle: Meows was found underneath the rubble of the home — burnt, but still alive.

“She’s truly a miracle… when we look collectively at what she went through, I can’t believe she did,” Jamie said. “It was really intense. It breaks my heart that she was out there for four days under that rubble. When we found her, she smelled like rotten flesh.”

They rushed Meows to the local hospital. She was “fried all over,” lost the tops of her ears and had to have the tip of her tail amputated. But thankfully, there was no damage to her lungs and her skin was still healthy, protected by her long hair.

According to KREM 2, the cost of Meows’ medical expenses was over $6,000, but was covered through generous donations from the community. Over three weeks in the ICU, Meows made a slow but steady recovery; hospital staff called her a “miracle kitty.”


Amazingly, Meows is now recovered enough that she will soon be going home. After losing their house in the fire, Jamie and Jasmine have secured a rental home where Meows will have a big backyard to roam around in.

What a miracle — we’re so glad Meows survived this fire and is finally going home! Please share this remarkable news!