Cat saved from dumpster fire gets adopted by vet who treated her burns

Veterinarians dedicate their lives to helping animals, but some truly go the extra mile to change their lives. Sometimes a vet will form such a close bond with their patient that they decide to adopt them for good.

That was the case recently, after a kitten rescued from a dumpster fire found a new home with the vet who saved her.

On May 3, a four-week-old kitten was pulled from a garbage fire in Las Vegas, and was brought to The Animal Foundation. “She had third degree burns on the tips of her ears and the tip of her tail. Her paw pads were also badly burned,” the foundation wrote on Facebook.

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Facebook/The Animal Foundation

The poor cat needed medical attention for her burns, and the Animal Foundation funded medical treatment at the Pet Health animal hospital.

The cat was named Savannah. During her treatments, she made a big impression on her new caretakers — particularly veterinary assistant Alex Reyes.

“I just saw this thing,” Alex Reyes told KTNV. “Actually, I didn’t know what it was at first.”

Savannah received burn treatments and was placed in an incubator. Over time, she began to heal.

“She’s healing great, is playful and loves attention,” the Clark County Nevada Twitter account wrote. “She has some scars from her burns but should have a happy, normal life!”

After weeks of treatment and recovery, Savannah was ready to be put up for adoption — but it turned out she had already found the perfect owner.

After falling in love with the kitten while treating her burns, Alex Reyes decided to adopt Savannah himself!

He was impressed by the cat’s bravery and strength during her fight for survival, and says the cat’s burn injuries only make her more special.

“It just makes her, you know? You’ll never find another cat with half ears or a fake nose as we call it,” he told KTNV. “I think it makes her look cute and different.”

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Facebook/The Animal Foundation

Alex has now taken Savannah home, and says she’s continuing to thrive.

“He says Savannah is doing great,” the Animal Foundation wrote. “She’s feisty, adventurous and playful. We look forward to seeing her grow up.”

What a happy ending for this poor cat. Not only did she survive and recover from her burns, she’s found a great new home with someone who loves her.

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