Cat returns home with a note in his collar — owner discovers he has a secret second life

While dogs are known for being extremely loyal to their owners, cats are generally a little more independent. They’re their own master, going where they want to go and doing what they want to do.

And sometimes, they have a mysterious side. That’s what one man realized when he shockingly discovered his pet cat had a whole other second life he never knew about.

Héctor Morales, from Mexico, is the owner of a cat named Nilo, who he took in as a stray.

Nilo loved his new home, but like many cats he liked to wander around. Héctor let his cat explore, knowing he’d always return.

But over time, he became suspicious as Nilo’s trips became longer and longer.

“He always returns home, like he’d never left,” Héctor told The Dodo. “Very calm, and fatter, too.”

He soon got his explanation. One day Nilo wandered off and didn’t return for three days… and when he showed up at home, he had a note attached to his collar.


Héctor opened the note, and was stunned by what it read: his cat was living a double life… with a different name.

We are the other family of ‘Angelo,‘” the note read. “When he’s not in your house, he’s at ours.”

The note also asked for his contact information and informed him that Nilo/Angelo “ate tuna before he left.”


Naturally, Héctor was shocked.

“I don’t know what to feel because my cat is cheating on me,” he joked to the Latam Times.

“It must be very tiring for him to support two families.”


But while some people would be upset that their cat had a second family, Héctor was happy to share the love.

“When I thought about it, I was grateful that another family cared for him and had even given a name,” Héctor told The Dodo.

“Cats decide who they love,” he added. “If we love them back, we can’t deny them that.”

This cat might be “busted” for his double life, but we’re glad this former has two families who love and care for him!

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