The cat comes home after several days – then owner realizes what a stranger has done

Two years ago a homeless kitten appeared outside Mary Lore Barra’s home in Mexico. It was love at first sight and Mary decided to adopt the little cat and call him Pixi.

With love and care this feeble kitten grew into the strong and friendly cat he is today. But one day her owner noticed her precious kitty had grown a bit too much.

Mary wondered if Pixi was getting more food elsewhere and decided to keep a close eye on him, not easy when Pixi would take frequent trips away from home.

Her suspicions were confirmed when Pixi returned home one day wearing a collar she didn’t recognize.

Two homes

Mary decided to put this new collar to good use and wrote a note hoping that Pixi’s other owners would read it.

“My name is Pixi the cat. I think he has two houses haha,” she wrote in the note, according to The Dodo.

Mary then put the note under Pixi’s collar.

Pixi did his usual disappearing act and when he returned he had a new note under his collar.

“Here he is called Huarache,” the note said. “It appears that he does have two houses haha. Greetings!”

Seems like this cat was leading two different lives and fooling his owners at the same time – until now.

“I told him, ‘I know your secret,'” Mary said.

Thankfully Mary was an understanding owner and didn’t mind that her cat had another family somewhere else.

“Pixi is very lucky. Some cats don’t even have a home [let alone two],” she said. “I know they’re good people, because they take care of him.”

Mary wrote another note introducing herself to his other family and letting them know Pixi was up-to-date on his vet visits.

Cats are smarter than we give them credit for; who wouldn’t turn down the opportunity for double the love and food if they were offered it?

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