Homeless cat doesn’t take food unless it’s in a plastic bag – watch when the woman finds out why

All us animal lovers do what we can to help a stray cat or dog on the street. As we head into winter it becomes crucial to help our four-legged friends out with food and shelter so they can survive.

One homeless cat known as Dongsuk caught the eye of one good-hearted lady who decided to start feeding this feline stray. What she would soon discover about this special cat is the food had to be packaged in a certain way.

The animal hero had found a cat that liked her food in a doggy bag! And when she investigated further, the reason will break your heart.


This smart cat wasn’t interested in taking the food immediately, she insisted on a ‘to go’ bag. It was clear their friendship was meant to be as the woman figured this out pretty quickly.

Photo: Youtube

The woman was happy to oblige but was curious as to why the cat needed her food this way, so she decided to follow her feline friend. She was obviously curious to see where she would go.

Photo: Youtube

The cat climbed up onto a roof and the woman was able to follow her where the heartbreaking truth was revealed.

Photo: Youtube

The cat had a kitten she needed to feed! As us moms are aware we would go without anything so our kids could eat, and it seems cats are no different.

The woman recorded the mama cat delivering the take out dinner to her cute baby and we’re so glad she did. I really hope they are doing well and thriving, thanks to this sweet woman.

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