Cat miraculously survives after being cruelly thrown from 12th story balcony, now recovering

In a shocking case of animal cruelty, a cat was thrown from a 12th story balcony at a residence in Minneapolis.

But miraculously, the cat survived and is now bouncing back after receiving emergency medical care.

The one-year-old tabby cat was tossed from the 12th story of an apartment building in Minneapolis on June 24, according to a press release from the care for life sanctuary Home for Life.

The cat, now named Rue, landed on pavement after the cruel act — but, proving that cats truly do have nine lives, she survived that great fall.

Home for Life (press release)

But she sustained injuries including a broken mandibular on both sides of the jaw, a badly broken right leg and a broken left foot. Rue needed emergency medical care to avoid being euthanized, and Home for Life stepped in to save her.

Her legs were set in casts and surgeons used a device to hold her jaw in place to allow it to heal, avoiding a more complicated surgery.

Home for Life wrote that despite everything she went through, Rue was a “courageous and resilient cat” who was still determined to eat and groom herself, despite her broken jaw and legs.

Home for Life (press release)

“It looks as if she will overcome the cruelty with which she was treated, thrown away, and over a balcony, with no regard for her life,” they wrote. “Her survival story has touched the caring hearts of people worldwide who are heartbroken by the cruelty shown to this innocent creature but who are nevertheless thrilled that she is fighting to survive and heal.”

“It’s amazing to me how an animal who has been failed as terribly as her by her owner, can feel safe and trusting so quickly,” Rue’s foster said, according to a post. “We really don’t deserve animals.”

Multiple witnesses said they saw someone throw Rue from the balcony, and Home for Life asked for the culprit to be pressed with charges for felony animal cruelty.

Home for Life (press release)

But much to their disappointment, no charges were filed. A spokesperson for Minneapolis Animal Care and Control told the Star Tribune that they didn’t “have enough to move forward” to “even determine this was a criminal act,” and the police consider the case closed.

“The fact that animal cruelty of this scale is occurring, and without apparent consequences needs to be brought to light,” Home for Life wrote on Facebook, calling the lack of charges “disappointing news.”

But the good news is that Rue is getting the care and love she needs. The sanctuary says that the cat was “pretty tired but resting comfortably” after her jaw procedure yesterday. Hopefully in time Rue’s fractures will heal and she can get a brand new start.

“We hope that today marks a turning point for her, and that she is on the way to healing and a life of love and caring,” Home for Life wrote.

Home for Life (press release)

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would throw this beautiful cat from 12 stories, but we’re glad Rue is getting the love and care she needs and hope she makes a quick recovery!

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