Cara Delevingne reveals cats survived home fire after fears that they died: “Thank you to the firefighters”

Model/actress Cara Delevingne faced a nightmare recently after her Los Angeles home was destroyed by a fire. She lost all her possessions — and feared her two pet cats perished in the flames as well.

However, she soon got miraculous news…

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The 31-year-old British model, known for her Hollywood roles in films like Paper Towns and Suicide Squad, was in London starring in the musical Cabaret when her mansion in Los Angeles, reportedly worth $7 million, caught fire early Friday morning.

The Los Angeles Fire Department told Page Six that it took them over two hours to contain the fire, which caused the roof of the house to collapse. Though one firefighter was hospitalized due to an injury and another suffered minor smoke inhalation, all occupants of the home were reportedly out of the home.

But Delevingne’s two pet cats were unaccounted for, and the actress feared they had died in the fire.

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“My heart is broken today… I cannot believe it,” Delevingne wrote in an Instagram story, alongside a photo of the cats. “Life can change in a blink of an eye, so cherish what you have.”

Despite the apparent sad news, she thanked the firefighters “from the bottom of my heart” as well as the “people who have showed up to help.”

Delevingne’s parents Charles and Pandora told TMZ that she was “devastated” by the loss, and that Cara “had her whole life” in the LA residence.

But just when all hope seemed lost, Delevingne shared some good news: the cats had not perished in the fire after all! They had apparently been found by firefighters some time later.

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“They are alive!” the supermodel wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to the firefighters.”

It’s not clear the names of Delevingne’s cats nor how long she’s had them, but an October Instagram post showed her at home spending time with the kitties:

The cause of the house fire is still unknown. Firefighters told Page Six that the fire seemingly originated outside the home, and they do not suspect criminal activity. It’s not clear who was taking care of Delevingne’s home and cats during her tenure in London.

Despite losing her home and possessions, Delevingne went on with the show: according to TMZ, she showed up for her Friday night performance of Cabaret.

What a miracle — we’re so glad Cara Delevingne’s cats are alive and well after this devastating house fire!

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