Brave little cat confuses everyone by picking a fight with a lion in viral video

It’s hard to believe that our house cats—cute little pets who mostly like to lounge around on our laps all day—are actually related to ferocious predators like lions, tigers and pumas.

But they’re all part of the feline family, and while we humans might struggle to see the similarities sometimes, our cats apparently see no difference between themselves and their much bigger cousins.

Like one brave little cat, who boldly tried to pick a fight with someone not quite his own size.

Derek Krahn works with the Center for Animal Research and Education, a big cat rescue located in Texas. While he works with animals like leopards and bobcats, he’s also the owner of a house cat named Baggy.


Derek describes the cat as a “tough little cookie,” but he was taken by surprise one day when the cat ran up to one of the lion enclosures and had a dramatic face-off with a lion named Noey.


Now of course Noey was safely behind a fence, ensuring the lion couldn’t harm the cat (or vice versa!)

But Baggy stood her ground, and Derek was impressed that the cat wasn’t “taking any guff” from the lion, despite their obvious size difference.

“I never thought she was this degree of crazy,” he wrote on YouTube.

Still, he tried to get her to back out of a fight she was clearly not matched for.

“Baggy, you will lose! There’s nothing to be gained, Baggy!” Derek says.

Soon Baggy did back off, and Derek had to apologize to the lion for this crazy cat’s recklessness.

“She’s got little kitty syndrome,” Derek tells the visibly confused lion. “She’s got little Napoleon kitty syndrome.”


Luckily, these two set aside their differences and are “back on speaking terms.”

While their “fight” may have ended in a draw, it’s still captured hearts online and has gotten over 5 million views on YouTube.

It goes to show that even our ordinary house cats still think of themselves as “big cats”! Share this funny video!