A stray cat got into a zoo exhibit and became best friends with a lynx — they've been inseparable ever since

A stray cat got into a zoo exhibit and became best friends with a lynx — they’ve been inseparable ever since

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve looked at our cute, lazy little pet cat waiting for us to feed them and thought, “how are you related to a lion?”

Crazy as it is to think, our pet cats are from the same family as “big cats” like tigers, leopards and pumas.

While it can be hard to see the resemblance sometimes, our domesticated cats can still relate to their bigger cousins, as one wild “family reunion” shows.

The Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg, one of Russia’s oldest zoos, is home to 2,000 animals, including a lynx.

And a few years ago, that lynx exhibit found its biggest fan: a stray cat.

According to LoveMeow, the calico cat was homeless and wandered into the lynx’s enclosure.

It might’ve sounded like a dangerous situation… but to everyone’s surprise, the cat and the lynx immediately bonded.

The cat would visit every day, and the two would play together.

The zoo noticed this blossoming friendship, and, since the stray had nowhere else to go anyway, they adopted the cat themselves so he could live with his best friend full time.

They’ve been inseparable ever since, proving that these cats have more in common than you might think.

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