‘Battered and bruised’ Burmese cat survives hot cycle in washing machine

Oscar the two-year-old Burmese cat is living up to the age-old saying that cats have nine lives after surviving a 12-minute hot cycle in a washing machine – with detergent.

Amanda Meredith dismissed the sounds she heard coming from her front-loading washing machine and went to hang out her washing to dry.

It was only when she returned that she saw paws on the screen and two eyes looking at her that she realized what had happened.

“The poor little cat had his hands on the glass as he was doing the rotations and he was looking at me,” she told ABC News, Australia. “It was tragic.”

A brown Burmese cat stands in front of a front loader washing machine with its door open.
Amanda Meredith/ABC News

Amanda, from Queensland, Australia said it took two agonizing minutes for the machine to drain and turn off before she could open the door and rescue her terrified cat.

‘Touch and go’

She then contacted her vet to ask for advice and was told the next six hours of Oscar’s life would be “touch and go”.

She said her “battered and bruised” cat was given medication and stayed with the vet for 24 hours, he then slept for the next seven days.

Oscar’s vet Dan Capps said unfortunately incidents like this were not unusual and urged people to check their washing machines before turning them on.

Still likes to watch the laundry spin

“He’s a very lucky but strong little fellow,” he added.

Despite Oscar’s distressing ordeal, it doesn’t seem to have put him off the washing machine.

“He sits there and watches it tumble-turn all the time,” Amanda said.

“Maybe he has PTSD or something — he has to sit at the door watching the wash cycle.”

Amanda Meredith/ABC News

I’m shocked that Oscar survived his terrifying ordeal, but so glad he did!

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