Abandoned cat sneaks into veterinary clinic to feed her kittens

There’s nothing stronger than a mother’s bond with her children and the same goes for the animal kingdom.

When a feeding mom is separated from her young, there isn’t much she won’t do to try and get to her babies.

An abandoned cat that was separated from her kittens in New Zealand tried all kinds of methods to sneak into the veterinary clinic so she could be reunited with her babies.

Her actions have caught the attention of animal lovers around the world.


Staff at Mill Road Vet Clinic, in New Zealand, arrived at work one morning to find a box of abandoned kittens.

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Posted by Mill Road Vet Hospital on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Three tabby and white boys and black tabby girl about 3 to 4 weeks old had been dumped in a box outside the clinic.

One of the vet nurses took the box home in the evening to care for the kittens overnight, but the next morning returned to find a tabby cat hanging about outside the front door.

Looking for her kidnapped kittens

Every time the door opened the cat tried to sneak in. When staff picked her up they discovered she was a feeding mom and suddenly realized why she was trying to break in.

They put the cat in with the kittens and she started to feed them, purring with contentment.

“Presumably she had been in the box too & escaped before we arrived for work. She’s probably been prowling around all night looking for her kidnapped kittens,” staff wrote in a Facebook post.

Staff said they were certain they’d find new homes for the cat and her kittens as they were all so adorable.

Posted by Mill Road Vet Hospital on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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