Woman wants to see what the turkey is hiding – lifts the feathers and nearly faints

In Santa Clarita, California, Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner, founders of The Gentle Barn, a beloved non-profit animal sanctuary, were in for a surprise when they stumbled upon a heartwarming discovery during their daily routine of caring for their rescued animals.

One of the animals under their care, a turkey affectionately named Brave, had been exhibiting peculiar behavior that caught the attention of her caretakers. Sensing something extraordinary, Ellie and Jay decided to investigate further.

Their curiosity led them to gently lift the feathers of Brave, revealing a hidden treasure underneath her protective wings. Brave, the turkey, was brooding on something incredibly special – an egg with a tiny baby growing inside.

Typically, such occurrences might not raise any eyebrows, but Ellie and Jay’s unwavering commitment to their no-breeding policy made the revelation all the more surprising. It seemed impossible, yet i happened. But how?

Brave, the turkey at the center of the unexpected development, had apparently defied the odds, engaging in a romantic encounter with a turkey male while Ellie and Jay were away rescuing a horse. The caretaking duties had fallen to a new staff member during their absence, and a mistake led to the unintended consequence.

Ellie and Jay, known for their dedication to providing love and support to animals in need, were touched by the sight of Brave nurturing her eggs with such care and devotion.

“It was inhumane to take the egg away from her, so we secured Brave in our coop, on plenty of hay with food and water beside her, and waited,” Ellie shared in an interview with The Dodo.

Two weeks later, a beautiful baby was born.

“It was like seeing an angel — I almost passed out,” Laks said.

“Brave allowed me to look under her feathers, and there was a tiny face — so beautiful! We have never had a turkey born at The Gentle Barn and have never even seen one this young. She is breathtaking!”

Despite their initial surprise and confusion, they embraced the miracle with open hearts, recognizing the beauty and wonder inherent in the cycle of life.

“We give them lots of respect, privacy and time to themselves, so Brave doesn’t mind when we are there,” Laks said. “Brave is very nurturing and always wanting the baby to go under her feathers instead of run around.”