Police officer makes impressive tackle to catch runaway pig in viral video

When you’re a police officer, you never know what your day will be. Sometimes cops are called on for some pretty unusual situations.

Like one Utah police officer, who was tasked with catching a runaway hog — and showed off some impressive football skills to nab him, as seen in a viral video.

On April 2, the Grantsville City Police Department, in Grantsville, Utah, wrote on Facebook that there were some loose hogs in the area. They wrote that the “city is going to try and trap them,” possibly at the owner’s expense.

One officer, identified by WJW as Officer Cory Cooper, was called on to catch one of the pigs — and proved to be uniquely suited for the job.

In a video, the officer chases after the pig across someone’s front lawn, then pins the animal down with an impressive tackle.

“Pig situation handled,” the Grantsville City Police Department wrote. The video went viral on Facebook and TikTok, where many people were impressed by the officer’s apparent defensive tackle skills.

Watch the video below:

“As some who rescues and has potbelly pigs for pets I am so impressed, this captur[e] was smooth,” one reply on TikTok reads. “I know they are both tired.”

“Touchdown,” another joked on Facebook.

Others joked that the pig’s squealing sounded like he was “pleading the fifth.”

Apparently this isn’t the first time the officer has been called on for an animal situation. The department posted a photo of him with a chicken, writing that he “has a way with the animals.”

It’s not clear where the pigs came from. According to KUTV, no one has come forward to claim the escaped hogs, who are now in the care of a local animal rescue.

Wow, what a catch! This must’ve been quite a memorable day on the job for this officer!

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