Escaped pig named “Kevin Bacon” home safe after two weeks on the run

A pig named “Kevin Bacon” made headlines after escaping from his farm — now the famous runaway hog is finally safe back at home.

Chelsea Rumbaugh is the owner of several pigs on her Gettysburg, Pennsylvania farm, including a 200-pound hog punningly dubbed “Kevin Bacon” after the prolific star of the same name.

But on October 14, Kevin Bacon got a little too “footloose” and escaped from the farm, fleeing into the surrounding woods.

Chelsea would occasionally see the pig make his way back to the farm, but would run away and hide when anyone tried to approach.

“He kept looking up and seeing me,” Chelsea told ABC 27. “But every time previous he would just run when he saw a person. Anytime we have a positive interaction and he walks away instead of running away, that’s good. In our book, that means he still feels safe here.”

Chelsea put out a plea for help online as she continued her efforts to catch the pig. Soon, Kevin’s story was making national headlines.

According to USA Today, Chelsea tried everything from setting up large traps to going out with a search party to learning how to lasso, but her efforts always came up short. After more than two weeks, Kevin still remained at large.

The story even drew the attention of Kevin Bacon (the actor), who shared the “internet sensation” on Threads: “Bring Kevin Bacon home!” the Golden Globe winner wrote.

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According to the Philly Voice, Chelsea took Kevin Bacon in from a different owner, in part because he kept running away. In a Facebook post, she explained that it was not safe for the pig to be roaming around on his own.

“While it would be great if #GettysburgKevin could be a free roaming pig, that’s just not safe for a variety of reasons,” she wrote. “Black bears, pew pews, and honestly our surrounding neighbors just didn’t ask for a pet pig.”

This week, the pig chase finally came to a close — with the help of a tasty Halloween treat.

On October 31, Chelsea left a sticky bun full of Benadryl, an antihistamine known for causing drowsiness, out for her escaped pig to eat. Kevin Bacon took the bait, and Chelsea searched the area for a “passed out pig.”

Thankfully, the plan worked and Kevin was finally found and brought home safe. “He’s home,” the owners wrote on Facebook, to the relief of fans around the country.

“Eventually, what lured him in was just being gentle and letting him come in at his own pace,” Chelsea told USA Today.

After taking the country by storm, what’s next for Kevin Bacon? The owners say his plans include resting, relaxing and eating snacks.

But Chelsea has plans for Kevin and his piglet pals. “Our goal is to one day have a pig sanctuary where we can offer therapy sessions or even just visits for children and adults who are struggling with PTSD or any kind of neurodivergence,” she told ABC 27.

She also wrote on Facebook that she wants to write a children’s book about Kevin and to open a public subsistence farm.

We’re so glad Kevin Bacon is finally home! Thank you to everyone who helped look for him!

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