Herd of 200 goats gets loose and takes over San Jose neighborhood

During the coronavirus lockdown, we’ve seen some pretty unexpected sights from the animal world.

From dolphins returning to the Venice canals to goats invading a town in Wales, it feels like animals have taken the opportunity to take over while the humans are inside.

Now we have another strange sighting, as a man’s video of another swarm of goats invading a town has gone viral.

Terry Roelands, from San Jose, California, has kept a flock of goats for the past 15 years. The goats help clear the brush on a nearby hill, helping to prevent fires, he told NBC Bay Area.

But recently, one of the goats accidentally shut down the electric fence… and suddenly the 200 goats saw their chance to bust loose.


You never expect a swarm of goats to suddenly invade your neighborhood, especially in a city like San Jose, but suddenly all the neighbors were greeted with the bizarre sight of the goats marching down the block.

They really made themselves at home, with some of the goats stopping to nosh on people’s lawns and flowers.


It was a strange, exciting and a little scary.

“All of a sudden they get onto our driveway and it was very exciting but I was a little bit nervous because the garage was open and I thought they might get into the garage,” neighbor Amit Patel told NBC.


It looks like the goats were enjoying themselves, but amazingly it doesn’t seem like it was that hard to get them back home: a rancher reportedly got them back in five minutes.

But their surprise visit to town lives on through a video posted by Terry’s son Zach.

“This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine,” he wrote.

The video has gone viral, and currently has nearly 4 million views on Twitter.

Zach has used the video’s attention to encourage people to donate to a food bank to help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

What a crazy story! Hope these goats enjoyed their “take over” of the town. Share this wild video!