Flock of sheep takes over a McDonald’s during coronavirus closure

With people around the world self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re truly living in unprecedented times. But with everything going on it’s been fascinating to see how the animal world responds when all the people are stuck indoors.

Animals who are usually wary of humans have been getting bolder, taking the opportunity to explore and take over our towns. And as one photo shows, they’re adopting some very human habits.

A man named Andrew Thomas, from Ebbw Vale, Wales, was shopping for his mother and an elderly neighbor when he spotted an unusual sight.

Next to the supermarket was a McDonald’s, and while this restaurant was closed due to the coronavirus, that didn’t stop a flock of customers from waiting outside…

Even the sheep in Ebbw Vale are having McDonald's withdrawals 😂😂🐑#sorrystoreisclosed#mcdonalds

Posted by Andrew Thomas on Saturday, April 18, 2020

It seems these sheep have developed a taste for Big Macs.

It was a funny sight, and Andrew found it relatable—the sheep seemed to represent all the people craving their favorite fast food.

“Thought I’d share, as everyone on social media has been saying how they are craving a McDonald’s,” Andrew said, according to LADbible. “So I made a joke of it and it seems to have gone viral.”

The photo has been shared over 2,600 times on Facebook since Saturday.

Surprisingly this is the second time a Welsh town has gone viral this month for an unexpected animal invasion: we previously told you about the mountain goats taking over the town of Llandudno.

Strange but true—another unexpected side effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

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