Depressed donkey misses his mom – watch the moment they're reunited

Depressed donkey misses his mama – watch the unbelievable reaction when they are reunited

The bond between a parent and a child is the strongest that exists, and it’s not just humans who feel this.

It’s always heartbreaking to hear of stories where parents are separated from their children, the sadness and mental anguish must be unbearable.

At Speranza Animal Rescue, in Pennsylvania, a cute baby donkey arrived, but as time went on staff noticed the animal, called Colonel, was a loner.

There were days when Colonel would just howl as if crying out for his mother. It was so upsetting for the animal lovers caring for him, according to  The Dodo.


Colonel had a good home at the rescue center, he was allowed to roam freely on a farm.

But he appeared to be a loner, not wanting to interact with the other animals.

“Definitely a loner at first…he was very timid, not very personable, he could tell that he missed his mom,”  Speranza Animal Rescue founder Janine Guido  told The Dodo.

Colonel Sanders was rescued along with his mother Mary Poppins but the people that rescued them couldn’t keep them so they had to be separated and taken to two different animal rescue centers.


The Dodo

Janine said she heard Colonel’s mom Mary Poppins had never been picked up by the other rescue center so she seized the chance to take her in and reunite her with Colonel.

“Seven days may not seem a long time for mother and son to be separated but when I saw their reunion I definitely changed my thought on that,” added Janine.

Two Alpacas

The reaction when these two are reunited is so wonderful! They are both so excited and the noises that come out of their mouths are like nothing I’ve ever heard before!

Now they live in a bigger paddock with two Alpacas and have never been happier.

Watch their wonderful reunion in the video below.

The love and the bond between a parent and their child is the strongest that exists between humans and animals.

The strength we have when we are close to our parents in so evident in this beautiful story.

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