Zookeeper saves life of drowning orangutan using CPR

Zoos can be a great way to see animals up close, but it’s important to follow the rules. If a sign says “don’t feed the animals,” it’s for a good reason.

Unfortunately one orangutan ended up struggling in the water after zoo visitors threw food at him โ€” but a zookeeper jumped into action to save its life.

The incident took place at the Vinpearl Safari in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. According to The Sun, a tourist threw food to one of the orangutans, and the ape fell into the water trying to grab it.


The orangutan began to drown in the moat, and might’ve died โ€” if not for the quick thinking of one heroic zookeeper.

The staff member not only jumps into the moat to rescue the ape, but begins to perform CPR to save its life.


The whole encounter was caught on video. It’s an incredible sight to see someone giving CPR to an ape, and it works to save the animal’s life.

According to The Sun, the orangutan survived and is in stable condition. They also reported that the zoo had signs up warning visitors not to feed the animals, so hopefully incidents like this will be prevented in the future.

Thank you to this heroic zookeeper for saving the day! We’re so glad this orangutan is safe and sound!

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