Zoo celebrates birth of rare, critically endangered black rhino baby

For any zoo, the birth of a new baby animal is an occasion to celebrate. But it’s an even bigger deal when that animal is part of an endangered species.

Every new birth is a symbol of hope that these species can regrow their numbers and survive another generation. Which is why one zoo is celebrating this week, after the birth of a beautiful black rhino.

The eastern black rhino is listed as “critically endangered” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Due to illegal poaching, there are fewer than a thousand left on the planet, and are only found in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.


But now, there is one more black rhino in the world.

Chester Zoo, Britain’s most-visited wildlife attraction and a charity dedicated to preventing extinction, saw the birth of a baby black rhino this month, following the 15-month pregnancy of her mom, Ema Elsa.

“The whole team here is overjoyed,” Andrew McKenzie, the Team Manager of rhinos at the zoo, said in a press release. “Mum and calf have bonded wonderfully and have been showing us all of the right signs.”

The zoo shared an incredible video of the adorable rhino being born, quickly taking its first wobbly steps and bonding with mom:

The video gave the world a rare chance to see a black rhino be born—an extra special moment for the zoo staff.

“The birth of a critically endangered eastern black rhino is always very special,” Andrew said. “And to be able to watch on camera as a calf is born is an incredible privilege – with rhino numbers so, so low it, sadly, isn’t something that’s captured very often.”

“Seeing the little one then get to her feet with a gentle nudge from mum; take her first tentative steps and suckle for the first time is then the icing on the cake. It really is heart-warming stuff.”

The news of the rhino’s birth was celebrated all over the world, with conservationists overjoyed by the news.

And the zoo is even getting fans involved by having them vote on the rhino’s name: the contenders are Kasulu, Kosh and Kaari.

It is everyone’s hope that the story gets people’s interest and attention, helping to shed light on the danger these rhinos are in.

“In the short term, Ema Elsa and her new baby will help to highlight the perilous position that this species is in and we hope they encourage more people to join the fight to prevent the extinction of these gentle giants,” Andrew said.

Welcome to the world, beautiful rhino! We hope you have a great long life and bring lots of attention to the problems facing black rhinos.

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