Zoo celebrates birth of endangered Amur tiger triplets

It’s always an exciting day for a zoo when a new baby animal is born, especially when they’re part of an endangered species. Each new birth is a big step towards keeping the species alive for another generation.

But one zoo recently had triple reason to celebrate after an Amur tiger gave birth to three baby tiger cubs.

The Roosevelt Park Zoo, in Minot, North Dakota, recently welcomed three adorable new additions to the park after a female Amur tiger named Zoya gave birth to triplets on March 19.

According to Minot Daily News, zoo officials said that Amur was doing an exceptional job caring for the cubs and they are developing well. Zookeepers will be taking a hands-off approach, letting the mom and cubs bond for the next few weeks before doing a veterinary examination.

“The zoo’s staff has done a terrific job planning and preparing for this special event and despite not having all of the technology that others might, were able to map and track her pregnancy from the time of the breeding introductions to the accurate prediction for the births,” said Zoo Director Jeff Bullock.

The Amur tiger, also known as the Siberian tiger, is considered an endangered species by the IUCN Red List. According to National Geographic, they saw dramatically reduced populations across the 20th century due to being targeted by poachers.

While efforts to protect these animals have saved them from extinction, there are today fewer than 4,000 in the world, so every new birth goes a long way in helping to repopulate the species.

The Roosevelt Park Zoo, who participates in a breeding program to help repopulate the Amur tiger population, celebrated the arrival of the triplets.

“Conservation is not a big thing. It’s a million small things,” the zoo wrote. “We are proud to be part of a conservation story.”

According to Minot Daily News, the cubs are currently being kept from public view as they bond with their mom, but will be available for viewing when they are older.

The zoo’s tigers reside in a special Amur Tiger Valley exhibit, which opened in 2020 and gives the tigers a large, naturalistic enclosure to live in.

Congrats to this zoo and new mom Zoya on the birth of these three beautiful tiger cubs! This is an inspiring step forward for this endangered species.

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