Woman snaps selfie with black bear after extremely close encounter in Mexico

Have you ever suddenly encountered a wild animal while walking on a trail and felt like your heart stopped? Imagine what would happen if a black bear casually strolled up to you and your group and then proceeded to carefully inspect you.

That’s what happened to one group of hikers at Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico recently.

The heart-stopping moments were captured on camera.

As a group of three women did their best to stand still, bystanders who were recording the interaction attempted to distract the bear.

But the bear wasn’t interested in leaving the women alone. Instead, it continued to examine one of the hikers, even sniffing her hair at one point.


At one point the black bear stood on its hind legs, and that’s when the one woman made perhaps an extremely dangerous move and took a selfie with the bear.

After a few swipes, eventually the bear wandered off, and the group was able to continue on their way.

Many praised the hikers for their ability to remain extremely calm in a tense situation. While others remained skeptical and questioned whether the bear was trained.

Although the person who shared the viral video insisted the terrifying incident was real, even if it wasn’t bears can be unpredictable no matter if they’re trained or not.

If you find yourself face to face with a black bear, remember to make yourself known. Black bears don’t like surprises, so it’s best to stand your ground and make loud noises. Chances are they’ll continue on their way.

However, if on the rare occasion they do attack, fight back.

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