Woman says an abandoned puppy fell into her arms, 4 days later she’s told what it really is

Nobody knows when an animal will walk into their lives; there are so many abandoned and homeless animals it’s inevitable that most of us will come across one eventually.

For Jayne Guiney, a “lost puppy” entered her life in a most unusual way and that wasn’t the only shock of her finding.

‘He was robust like a puppy’

Jayne, lives in the small town of Wandiligong, in Australia, when she heard an animal crying for help in her back yard.

“l woke up and went outside and heard a whimpering behind the house, l looked up to the back of the house and saw a small animal right on the edge of my three-meter (9.8 ft) cliff,” Jayne told The Dodo.

“l made a grab for him as he was falling and he pretty much just cuddled in my arms. l still thought he may have been a fox as his face was pointy, but he was robust like a puppy.”

Jayne kept the dog at her house for the weekend so he could rest and on Monday took him to her local veterinary clinic.

But when the vet looked at her “lost puppy” he delivered some news Jayne wasn’t expecting.

The vet told her that she had actually rescued a dingo, which was later named Wandi.

Wandi was a dingo

Wandi was only five weeks old and had scratch marks on his back where experts at the Australian Dingo Foundation thought he had been snatched from his family by a bird of prey.

Wandi was still too small to understand how a dingo should behave so experts at the Dingo foundation paired him with a playmate that would help to teach him.

“He was a real little character straight away,” Kevin Newman, a volunteer with the Australian Dingo Foundation, told The Dodo. “He was very friendly with people and would sink his sharp little teeth into your arm no matter who you were.”

Dingoes are the Australian equivalent of Africa’s lion, Kevin added. They only howl to communicate and have never gone through the domestication process.

A test revealed that Wandi is 100 percent Australian alpine dingo, an endangered species.

‘We love him so much’

One day this sweet dingo pup will become part of the foundation’s breeding program.

“He’s full of life and really enjoying himself at the sanctuary,” Kevin told The Dodo. “He’s growing every day and loving meeting new people and dingoes.”

“He is a clever little dingo and really cheeky,” Kevin added. “We just love him so much!”

Internet star

Wandi has become quite the celebrity and has his own Instagram account with over 36,000 followers.

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