Woman returns from vacation and finds a large snake waiting in her toilet — watch the video

The bathroom is a private space and maybe the last place you want to find any unwanted visitors. But that’s what happened to one woman, who was shocked to return home to find a creature hiding in her toilet.

According to 12 News, Michelle Lespron of Arizona returned home from a trip to Nashville recently, but just as she was settling in she discovered that she was not alone.

Opening the toilet lid in her bathroom, she was startled to discover that there was a large snake waiting for her!


“I slammed the lid back down right away when I saw it,” Michelle told 12 News.

“I thought literally this was only the stuff of horror novels,” she told CBS 5. “I sent it to a few people afterwards, and literally every person thought I was playing a joke on them, and I’m like no that’s my bathroom, and that’s what was waiting for me after my trip.”

It’s a sight that would scare anybody, but soon Michelle got some help to remove the slithery intruder.

An employee named Nick from local business Rattlesnake Solutions came over and safely removed the snake from the toilet.

If you weren’t unnerved by the story already, Rattlesnake Solutions shared a video of their house call, showing just how big and intimidating this snake was — as the employee tries to remove it, the snake gives him a scary little hiss… not something you want to be face-to-face with when you’re just trying to “go.”


The snake was identified as a coachwhip, also known as a red racer. Bryan Hughes, owner of Rattlesnake Solutions, called it “a fast, intelligent snake, it eats rattlesnakes, it climbs trees, it climbs houses, it does what it wants.”

However, while snakes are common in the Arizona desert, he said that it is very rare for snakes to appear in people’s toilets, so it’s not something to be too concerned about.

“We get maybe one out of every 1500 calls is a snake in a toilet or less, especially a big snake like that it’s very rare,” Hughes told CBS 5.

Even so, Michelle has been rattled by the snake incident, and takes extra precautions just in case: “I kept flushing the toilet before I’d even decide to sit down,” she told 12 News. “I always leave my toilet lid closed and my father put screens on the top of any openings on my roof so snakes and other animals can’t worm their way through!”

Watch the video below:

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