Woman rescues sick, frightened ‘dog’ – then she’s told what the animal really is

When animal lover Sharon Bertozzi found what she thought was a sick and scared looking dog near her home, she didn’t hesitate to help.

Sharon said the frightened creature had been hiding near her California home when she found it.

The dog was very skinny with hardly any fur when she discovered her and she called local animal services to help give the animal immediate attention.

But when animal services arrived and inspected the creature they had news for Sharon she wasn’t expecting.

They told Sharon that the sick, stray dog was in fact a wild coyote, news that would have horrified most people but Sharon felt only love for this poor, frightened creature.

Coyote was named Princess

“She was hiding behind a ceramic vase right next to my front door for about 4 hours before I finally realized she was a coyote. My heart just ached for her”, Sharon posted on Facebook.

The coyote, later named Princess, was taken to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue for rehabilitation where she was able to thrive with other coyotes and would be released back into the wild when she was ready to.

The public isn’t always sympathetic to coyotes as they have been known to attack domestic animals but thankfully staff at this wildlife rescue center believe all animals are worth saving.

All wild animals are loved

Sallysue Stein, from the rescue center, said despite the mixed reactions from the public, staff at the rescue center only have the animals’ interests at heart.

“I feel like we can help, then we can put them back in the wild […] I tear up, because we send them back, but we don’t know what’s going to happen to them,” she said, according to the Epoch Times.

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