Woman always leaves food and shelter for stray ‘cat,’ then discovers it’s really a possum

All animals deserve love, even the ones we wouldn’t consider cute or cuddly.

Take, for instance, the possum. They do a lot for us, like keeping us safe from ticks, but most people are still repulsed by them and view them as pests.


But one story shows that possums aren’t all that different from the animals we all love—and that sometimes they just need a little help.

A few weeks ago a woman named Michelle Slater had a visitor: a family member told her that he had spotted a stray cat in their driveway. But when Michelle went to see it, the cat was gone.

She decided to leave some food and water out for the cat. When she returned later, the food was gone.

She continued to put the food out at night—never catching the animal, but assuming it was the same stray cat, a “phantom kitty” she called Loki.

“It got cold so I set a little house and blanket out too,” she wrote on Facebook.

But after a week, she finally spotted her visitor… and was shocked to realize it wasn’t a cat at all. It was a possum!

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Posted by Michelle Slater on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Michelle was shocked—it turns out the possum had been the one receiving her hospitality the whole time. But Loki the possum seemed to really appreciate the kindness, and made himself at home in the cozy pet bed.

It’s not often that possums get treated this well, but Michelle, now knowing the truth, decided to continue to care for her new friend.

“I feed him every day and fill his water up,” Michelle told The Dodo. “It’s always gone the next morning, but I haven’t gotten to see him again yet.”

“He is still my phantom ‘kitty.’”

He might not be what anyone expected, but he’s still adorable—thank you to Michelle for still caring for this possum!

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