Wildlife overpass helps animals safely cross from one side of the road to the other in Utah

If you drive along any road or highway chances are you’ll see the unfortunate result of an unsuccessful animal crossing.

In 2018, the Utah Department of Transportation started construction on a unique project aimed at helping wildlife cross the road without taking a life or death risk.

Months after completion there’s video evidence that Utah’s first wildlife overpass works.

The overpass, which was completed in December 2018, crosses over Interstate 80 near Parley’s Summit in Utah.

Within the past two years over 50 animals were killed along this particular stretch of road, Erin Ferguson from Save People, Save Wildlife told 2News in 2018.

But with the help of the brand new $5 million overpass, more animals may be able to make it to the other side of the road.

New video released by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources shows a variety of animals utilizing the pathway across Interstate 80.

The bridge, which is 48 feet wide and 330 feet in length is one of nearly 50 wildlife crossings in the state of Utah aimed at protecting both animals and drivers.

“A lot of times we’ll put 8-foot fencing on the side of the highway to prevent the animals from getting on to the highway, but the animals need to be able to move across the highway, especially if they’re migrating,” Daniel Olson of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources told 2News in April 2018.

This particular overpass, which is the first for the state, allows animals to move freely from one side of the highway to the other.

This is such an awesome idea!

I wish other states would create overpasses like this too.

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