Touching moment an elephant is reunited with her daughter after 12 years

It was a beautiful moment between mother and daughter – an elephant in Germany who had been separated from her daughter is reunited after 12 years.

Pori, the 39-year-old elephant, has been living at a zoo in Berlin but last week was moved to Bergzoo in Halle, central Germany, where she was reunited with her daughter Tana.

The zoo, which also has a chimpanzee house, posted an image of mother and daughter touching trunks for the first time since 2008.

Staff said Pori was born as a wild elephant in Africa in 1981 and two years later arrived in Germany. In 2002 she gave birth to Tana but 6 years later her daughter was moved to a different zoo.

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Eine neue Nase im Haus! Heute ist sie nun angekommen, Pori, Tanas Mama und die Oma von Tamika und Elani. Pori und Tana hatten sich seit 12 Jahren nicht gesehen, aber trotzdem sofort wiedererkannt. Das viel diskutierte soziale Langzeitgedächtnis bei den Nasen funktioniert also in jedem Fall bei Pori und Tana. Pori wurde 1981 als wilder Elefant in Afrika geboren und kam 1983 nach Deutschland. Hier lebte sie zuerst im Zoo Magdeburg und auch zwischenzeitlich 2 Jahre im Zoo Leipzig. Ab 1997 war sie dann im Tierpark Berlin zu Hause, wo 2001 Tochter Tana als ihr erstes Kalb geboren wurde, welche 2008 zu uns ins Elefantenhaus nach Halle kam. Mittlerweile selbst zweifache Mama von Tamika und unserer Babynase Elani, ist die 19jährige jetzt endlich wieder mit ihrer Mutter vereint. Es wird wahrscheinlich noch ein paar Tage dauern, bis alle vier gemeinsam zu sehen sind, denn wir wollen es trotz aller Wiedersehensfreude behutsam angehen lassen. Wir freuen uns aber schon darauf, mit Euch die kleinen Familie bald auf der Außenanlage zu erleben, was uns auch ein wenig über den Weggang von Panya und Ayo tröstet. #pori #loxodonta_africana #africanelephant #afrikanischerelefant #afrikanischerelefant🐘 #zoohalle #zoohallesaale #zoo #bergzoo #bergzoohalle #bergzoohallesaale #halle #halleandersaale #sachsenanhalt #animals #animalshots #tiere #tierfotografie #tierfoto #tierfotos #hallesaale #zookeeper #zoolife #zookeeperlove #animalslove #tierliebe #tierliebeistdieschönsteliebe

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Since their time apart Tana has become a mother herself to two calves four-year-old Tamika and Elani who is just one.

An image of the two elephants touching trunks was shared on Instagram where more than 1,000 people reacted.

Staff said it would be a few days before the elephants could be together as they wanted to make sure they got used to each other first.

“In order to give the animals the opportunity to get to know each other again in peace, the elephant house will remain closed for the time being.”

Credit: 2020 Zoo Halle/Newsflash

It seems the gentle reintroduction was a success and the zoo’s latest post featured an image of the elephants playing together alongside the words: “Family reunification more than successful! Elani and Tamika were also happy about their grandmother. Welcome Pori omi ❤️”

Female bull elephants usually head up the herd, males stay with their mothers for around 8 years while females usually remain with their moms, as per Elephants Forever.

‘Natural family structures’

Zoo director, Dr Dennis Muller, said: “Pori’s arrival in Halle is an important step in modern elephant husbandry,” as per LadBible.

“In the future, all elephant herds in European zoos should be cared for in such natural family structures. Today we have come a great deal closer to this goal.”

Such a beautiful reunion after so many years. I hope they can now enjoy their time together as a family in peace.

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