Sloth interrupts boy's zip lining fun in Costa Rican rainforest

Sloth interrupts boy’s zip lining fun in Costa Rican rainforest

A sloth just looking for a place to hang out found itself face to face with a thrill-seeking child recently.

The boy was zip lining through a rainforest in La Fortuna, Costa Rica on March 13 when all of a sudden he collided with the slow-moving mammal.

Thankfully no one was injured, but it sure did make for an interesting story once the boy reached the other side.

The boy was visiting Go.Adventure Arenal Park in Costa Rica when he got a little more excitement than his family paid for.

In the video, a man guides the child down the zip lines and warns him not to use the brake.

However, their ride suddenly comes to a stop when the child collides with the lackadaisical sloth.

“It’s a sloth!” the boy said.

‘Don’t worry,” his guide told him.


The sloth didn’t seemed fazed by the “intruders,” instead it repositioned itself and lifted one arm as if to wave hello.

“The good thing about it is the child knew how to do the zip line well and knew how to brake,” Flavio Leiton Ramos, the park’s owner, told USA Today. “However, this is the first time someone has ever run into a sloth.”


As bizarre as the encounter was, Ramos said it probably won’t happen again.

Several people used the zip line moments before the boy, and they didn’t see a sloth. Ramos believes it decided to take a walk on the line after lowering itself from a nearby branch.

Luckily for all no one was injured, and it only took the sloth 15 minutes to clear the way.

Talk about an up close and personal experience with a sloth!

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