Seal forced to drag children in boat with rope around its neck caught on camera

Too many animals are kept in captivity and spend their days being forced to perform tricks in the name of entertainment.

I can’t imagine how miserable this must be for those animals who are supposed to be enjoying a life of freedom in the wild.

Two seals were captured on camera at a zoo in Belgium being forced to do just that and the upsetting footage has been shared around the world.

One of the seals is being forced to drag children around in a boat with a rope tied around its neck.

Shocking footage shared online shows seal furthest away pulling a boat full of children with a rope around its neck

Visitors stop and watch the seal, which has a blue ring around its neck, in the water attraction at Mont Mosan Animal Park, in the province of Liège.

The seal is pulling a boat with three children through the water.

The footage was posted on the Facebook page of “C’est assez,” which means “That’s enough.” an animal rights organization based in France which campaigns for laws to be put in place to protect animals.

The organization posted the Facebook page address of the park inviting people to express their outrage by what they were forcing the seals to do with the message: “I am deeply disappointed and shocked to witness an attraction involving sea lions pulling children.

The seal's head has a blue ring attached with a rope that pulls the boat through the water

“I ask that you stop these kinds of activities that are even more involved in the ill-being of a captive animal asap. Sea lions are sentient beings and don’t have to be tied up by the neck to tow children!′′

The Facebook post was later updated to urge people not to leave abusive messages on the park’s page.

“We do not condone the activities of this park, but we do not condone verbal violence, contrary to our values,” a Facebook post read.

The video was viewed nearly half a million times with hundreds of people leaving angry comments.

The two seals swim by, one on the right attached to the rope pulling the boat. Animal rights activists say seals only perform the stunts to receive fish as a reward

According to the Teller Report the director of the animal park denies the seals are being mistreated.

 “I think people should pay more attention to the slaughter of poor whales that still take place in some parts of the world instead of going after a small park where animals are not mistreated,” director Jean-Marc Vanberg said.

An official complaint has been lodged against the park and Aaron Copette, who posted the video, said: “Even if the owner of the park says he won’t mistreat, lock up or force the animals to do shows, it’s still a form of abuse.

“My goal is to expose them so that people become aware of the fate of animals,” he said, as per LadBible.

When all humans realize that wild animals do not belong to us to do what we want with, we’ll all be better off.

Please share so more people know about the abuse of these seals and take a stand against this zoo.