Scuba diver rescues possum stranded in bay hanging on to buoy

Scuba diver rescues possum stranded in bay hanging on to buoy

The ocean is full of wonderful, beautiful undersea life. When you head out on the water, you never know what kind of creatures you’ll spot.

But one rescue team found a very unexpected creature in the middle of the sea: a possum!

According to SWNS, the brushtail possum was found clinging to a buoy in the Tasman Sea near Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.


It’s not clear how the possum ended up all the way out in the water, but he was clearly out of his element and needed rescuing. Rangers from Whitecliffs Foreshore Reserve got the call about the unusual sighting and headed out to save the day.

A diving instructor named Luke English, from local scuba diving business RedBoats, agreed to go out on the water and rescue the possum.

While scuba divers get to see all kinds of marine life, the possum was definitely a first. “That was the first and last possum I will ever see on a mooring in Portsea,” Luke told SWNS. “It was hilarious.”


It was presumably less hilarious for the possum, who was no doubt scared from the whole ordeal, but was found to be unharmed and gratefully accepted the rescuers’ help.

“Whilst understandably confused, the possum appeared to be healthy and was able to be scooped up into the net and taken aboard,” Whiltecliffs Foreshore Reserve wrote on Instagram.

Once the possum’s health was assessed, rescuers were able to release him back on nearby land.

This is definitely not the kind of rescue you see every day! Thank you to this scuba diver for rescuing this possum! So glad he’s back on dry land now!

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