Runaway deer takes 'half hunter's face off' while escaping

Runaway deer takes ‘half hunter’s face off’ while escaping

Hunting is a ‘sport’ that divides opinion quite like no other. Some see the taking of animal life as a game, others stand firmly against it.

One fact that can’t be disputed is that it can be extremely dangerous. One French hunter, 36-year-old Vincent Saubion, knows that better than most, after a deer ripped his face open in the process of escaping.

As per reports, Saubion was hunting with friends in the forest of Lesperon, south-west France, when he came across the 150kg (330lbs) deer.

Beating an alarmed retreat, the deer hit Saubion in the face, ripping open the skin and leaving him with a bad injury.

“The deer hit me in the face as it tried to carry on,” Saubion told local media sources.

The hunter, despite his wound, wanted to continue, though one of his friends persuaded him to stop.

“It felt like I was drunk,” Saubion said, “but it actually took half my face off.”

Credit: Shutterstock (stock photo)

The group soon realized the serious extent of Saubion’s injuries and so convinced him he had to be air-lifted to hospital via helicopter. He later underwent emergency surgery that included 50 stitches in his face.

He said: “I am grateful because there was more fear than actual harm. I haven’t broken anything and I feel as good as I can be.”

Perhaps unwisely, Saubion has vowed to continue hunting. Reports are unclear as to whether or not the deer that injured him was eventually brought down.

I don’t know about you, but I feel this could be karma at work. Killing animals for sport isn’t something that sits right with most people – I just hope Vincent has learned his lesson.

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