Robin dies after being caught in glue trap, prompting outrage and calls for their ban

Robin dies after being caught in glue trap, prompting outrage and calls for their ban

The use of glue traps to catch unwanted animals has always been a topic of controversy. While some see them as a convenient way to catch animals like rats and mice, animal activists see them as inhumane.

Now, one recent incident of a beautiful, innocent animal falling prey to one of these traps has people outraged, renewing the debate about their use.

The RSPCA England & Wales shared the story yesterday. A robin became stuck in a glue trap.

The bird’s legs, chest and wings were trapped, leaving him helpless to escape.

This beautiful little robin fell victim to the inhumane glue trap! His chest, legs and wings were entirely stuck,…

Posted by RSPCA (England & Wales) on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

While the RSPCA was called to help save the bird, it was too late: there was nothing they could do. The bird’s legs were broken and his wings and feathers were too damaged.

The decided the humane thing for this “beautiful little robin” would be to put him to sleep.

It’s a sad story, and unfortunately there is nothing one can do because the glue trap used is legal. But the RSPCA is working to ban these traps, and hopes the robin’s death will inspire people to join their cause.

“We are totally against the manufacture, use and sale of these horrible traps – no animal deserves to suffer and die after being caught on one of them,” the RSPCA wrote.


They encouraged people to sign a petition, which currently has 75,000 signatures.

According to the petition, the Humane Society International says it takes between 3 and 24 hours for a trapped animal to die, and the suffering they experience in that time is unbearable.

The RSPCA also asked people to contact them if they see glue traps on sale to the general public.

This poor robin! We hope something is done about this problem! Spread the word: Share this story if you are opposed to glue traps!