Rhino sanctuary celebrates birth of critically endangered Sumatran rhino calf

Rhino sanctuary celebrates birth of critically endangered Sumatran rhino calf

It’s always an exciting day when a new baby animal is born. But it’s even better when the newborn is part of an endangered species. Each new birth is a big step towards saving an at-risk species from extinction.

Now, one rhino sanctuary is celebrating the birth of a rare, critically endangered Sumatran rhino, a crucial step in the conservation effort to save this species.

According to a press release, the female rhino calf was born on March 24 at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Way Kambas National Park, in Indonesia’s Lampung Province.

The parents are a female rhino named Rosa and her mate, Andatu. The newborn marks the eighth Sumatran rhino at the sanctuary.

According to the press release, the mother was assisted by a team of vet professionals during her pregnancy. Her labor took about three hours, and both the mom and baby are reportedly doing well.

The newborn’s birth is important because the Sumatran rhino is a critically endangered species, with fewer than 80 left in the world, according to the World Wildlife Federation. They are one of the most-threatened species of rhino due to habitat loss and fragmentation, and can now only be found in the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Borneo.

They are also the only Asian rhino with two horns, so they are a frequent target of poachers. Rhino horns are valuable on the black market.

According to WWF, the Sumatran rhino continues to suffer from population decline, and only two captive females have reproduced in the past 15 years.

So the newborn’s birth is a major deal, and is being celebrated as a sign of hope for those trying to save this species from extinction.

“The birth of the Sumatran rhino is good news amid the efforts of the Indonesian government and partners to increase the Sumatran rhino population,” said Wiratno, the director general of conservation at Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment.

What an adorable baby rhino, and what great news for this critically endangered species. We hope this new birth goes a long way in keeping the beautiful Sumatran rhino around forever.

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