Remembering Steve Irwin: Terri posts tribute to late ‘Crocodile Hunter’ star 14 years after his death

Steve Irwin was a hero to so many people. Through shows like The Crocodile Hunter, he entertained while teaching people about the wonder of animals and the importance of protecting the wildlife.

Many people today, from zoologists to conservationists, credit him with their initial interest in animals.

So people around the world were shocked when he died on September 4, 2006 after being pierced by a stingray.

Steve was only 44 years old at the time and at the height of his career, with two young kids with his wife Terri.

But all these years later, Steve’s legacy continues. Today, tributes have been pouring in from around the world marking the anniversary of his death… including from his widow, who posted a beautiful post on Twitter.

Terri posted a photo of her and Steve that perfectly sums up their relationship: the couple is kissing, with an iguana on top of their heads.

Today marks 14 years after Steve’s death, poignantly the same amount of time the couple was married.

“I feel that I have a choice: celebrate love or struggle with grief,” Terri wrote. “I choose love.”

While Steve has been gone for 14 years, his legacy continues strong, as his family has continued his mission of helping animals.

Terri continues to operate the Australia Zoo, which hosts all kinds of native wildlife and cares for injured animals through the Wildlife Warriors program. The Irwin family’s efforts to save wildlife came into the spotlight earlier this year, as they were credited with saving over 90,000 animals during the Australian bushfires.

And his children, Robert and Bindi, have followed in their father’s footsteps, becoming conservationists and television personalities.

Despite everything, it’s been a year of hope and celebration for the Irwin family: Bindi got married in March, at a private ceremony at the Australia Zoo. She lit a candle in her father’s memory.

And in further good news, Bindi announced last month that she was expecting her first child!

We’ll have to wait and see if her new child will carry on the family legacy, but it’s safe to say the Irwin family is still going strong — and Steve must be up there, looking on proud.

We still miss Steve Irwin, but it’s clear that his legacy of helping animals is still alive, both through his family and his many fans. Share this story with your Steve Irwin memories!