Polar bear cub chews on plastic as two others play with rubbish in the Artic

Polar bear cub chews on plastic as two others play with rubbish in the Artic

We all know that plastic pollution is a major problem for the environment. And yet it’s driven further home when we see images and videos of the direct devastation is can cause.

New heartbreaking photos show two polar bear cubs chewing on plastic in the Artic wilds. The images were taken by an expedition leader named Jens Wikström, and show the polar bear cubs playing tug-of-war.

Another, even more painful shot, shows one of the animals trying to eat the plastic, bringing to light the horrific consequences of pollution.

“Sights like this are devastating,” Wikström, who took the photos in Svalbard, Norway, said.

“It’s no secret we have a lot of pollution, but I was processing in real time what happens to our ecosystem when we don’t take care of our s***. It ends up in the bellies of these animals.

“The kiddos went to the shoreline and dug up the snow to find this regular plastic bag. They started to rip it apart as a toy and ate a good chunk of it. They play with anything they can possibly get their hands on.”

Wikström, 30, went on to say that he’d watched the bear cubs from around 100ft away. They reportedly chewed on the plastic for as long as 15 minutes.

“On these remote islands of the Arctic, I’ve seen young curious bears and Arctic foxes and eating the plastic pollution that often drifts ashore with the currents from the Arctic Ocean Northeast of Svalbard or with the Gulf Stream that come up from Europe,” he said.

“I just hope people will think twice before leaving plastic bags or cigarette butts on the ground, you never know where it will end up.

“It is also concerning that microplastics are affecting the food chain of fish and seals, so plastic is already getting into the polar bear’s diet. And when it gets into the diet it can affect the milk of the mother as well.”

It breaks my heart to witness the plight of these majestic creatures. Why can’t we all just take responsibility for our own actions?

If we don’t act fast, we’re going to lose species of animals, as well as cause further irreperable damage to the planet we live on.

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