Planes are carrying out food drops on starving, stranded animals in Australia

The Australian bush fires have destroyed 17 million acres of land killing an estimated 1.25 billion animals, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Many animals have survived the savage fires but then face starvation as their natural habitat and food supply is destroyed around them.

But now helicopters are being sent in to drop tons of carrots and sweet potatoes in fire ravaged areas to help feed these starving critters.


New South Wales Environment Minister Matt Kean said while the animals   “typically survive the fire”, they “are then left stranded with limited natural food.”

He added: “The wallabies were already under stress from the ongoing drought, making survival challenging for the wallabies without assistance,” he said. 

Operation Rock Wallaby has sent three tons of food for kangaroos in the area, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

Non-profit Animals Australia is relying on donations to send the small planes our for food drops with the help of ‘Vets for Compassion’.

Animals Australia Spokeswoman, Lyn White, told the Daily Mail with so many roads shut “the risk of starvation for surviving wildlife in the area is very real.”

She added: “It would be tragic if there was a further loss of life because the needs of surviving animals was not being met.”

Boat will take more food to starving animals

A Facebook post from Animals Australia announced a catamaran boat had been booked to get more food out to the starving animals in Mallacoota, in the East Gippsland region of Victoria.

So far the fires have burned an area the size of West Virginia or half the size of England with the blazes expected to continue for months.

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