Penguin escapes a hungry seal and hitches a ride home on a tour boat

The ocean is filled with so much unique and exciting wildlife — head out on the water and you never know what you’ll see and experience.

One group of tourists on a boat ride recently found themselves in the middle of a penguin’s great escape from a predator seal — and helped reunite the bird with its flock.

A video captured by expedition guide and photographer Vladimir Seliverstov, and shared by Caters, shows how a penguin hopped on to a tourist expedition boat in Antarctica.


The penguin was reportedly trying to escape from a hungry leopard seal, and decided to climb aboard the vessel for safety.

The penguin seems happy to be along for the ride, having narrowly escaped becoming prey — and the tourists are delighted to have the unexpected new traveler on board.

The penguin hops to the bow of the boat, and the tourists take his picture.


Thankfully, the boaters decide to help reunite the penguin with his family. They steer the boat towards an iceberg, which has lots of other penguins on it.

Once they get close enough, the lost penguin hops off and waddles along to rejoin his flock.

He’ll certainly have a great story to tell his family — as will the human tourists, who were treated to a remarkable up-close encounter with Antarctica’s wildlife.


Watch the video below:

What a moment! Thanks to these tourists for helping this penguin get back home and escape the hungry seal!

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