Oldest silverback gorilla in the world turns 52 — happy birthday, Ramses

Some animals are blessed with long, healthy lives, and a rare few hold the distinction of being the oldest of their entire species.

That’s the case for Ramses, who just turned 52, making him the oldest silverback gorilla in the world, according to the Fort Worth Zoo.

Ramses celebrated his 52nd birthday on Wednesday. The zoo called it a “major milestone,” as they believe he is the world’s oldest silverback gorilla, far surpassing the average lifespan of a gorilla, which they credit to the “exemplary, hands-on care he receives” from the zoo’s primate staff.

“We absolutely love him,” primate supervisor Linda Roberts said in a video shared by the zoo, saying that Ramses is always cooperative with their medical examinations.

As old of the world’s oldest gorillas, Ramses has some age-related health issues. “Gorillas have the same problems humans have as they age,” Linda explained, including eyesight and hearing problems and arthritis. However, he’s living a nice easy life in his old age and gets plenty of attention and love from the staff.

Linda explains that Ramses is not on exhibit and doesn’t have a schedule, so he can “take it easy if he wants.” She said the staff “coddles” him: he and his partner Amani live in a habitat modified with their old age in mind. Staff are able to monitor Ramses throughout the day and make sure he is doing well.

Ramses has been at the zoo since 1992, and has been with his partner Amani for their whole lives.

In a Facebook post in honor of Ramses’ 50th birthday two years ago, the zoo said he was living the “idyllic, retired gorilla life, and that he enjoys basking in sunshine and engaging with puzzle feeders — his favorite is his “donut feeder.”

The oldest gorilla in the world is Fatou, a female gorilla residing at the Berlin Zoo who is 66 years old. Ozzie, a western lowland gorilla, held the record as the oldest male gorilla in the world until his death last year.

Happy birthday, Ramses! Here’s to many happy years to come! ❤️🦍

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